Library Chat

Episode 9 - Paul Whitney - E-books, IFLA, WIPO

July 9, 2013

This time we chat with Paul Whitney the former City Librarian for Vancouver and primary author of the IFLA e-lending principles.  Paul is a consultant, speaker and volunteer on library and public policy issues including access to content for the print disabled and copyright. He chairs the IFLA eLending Task Force.  He has been a member and expert resource person on IFLA CLM since 1999. Paul has worked on public lending right issues as both a member of the Canadian Public Lending Right Commission and more recently as the author of the study eBooks and Public Lending Right in Canada completed for the Commission.

Paul recently spent time in New Zealand to attend the Reader's and Writer's Festival and graciously gave of his time to talk with librarians in Wellington and Auckland.  I was lucky enough to meet him on his arrival in Auckland and arranged to catch up with him on his return before heading home, so we record this interview.  

Paul is immensely knowledgable in this area, as can he heard in the podcast, where he talks extensively on the reasons for the IFLA e-lending principles, WIPO and IFLA.  For anyone who has an interest in these topics or needing to find out more this interview will be invaluable.