Library Chat

Episode 16 - VALA 2014 - Day 2 - Joe Murphy - Trends and the future

I chat with Joe Murphy, VALA keynote about Trends and the future for libraries and library vendors.  Joe  is a Technology Analyst/Trend Spotter and Librarian. Joe specialises in synthesising technology changes for the library industry through consulting, as a keynote speaker focusing on the impacts of the most current trends in technology, and as an author and editor. 


Episode 15 - VALA 2014 - Day 2 - Kathryn Greenhill and Ruth Baxter

I chat with Kathryn Greenhill about professional communication and what we as a profession do and what we need to do.  Ruth Baxter attempts to interpret Kathryn's answers and reframe them in a non managerial speak.  This podcast proves it is ok to have fun on the red carpet while still delivering interesting content.


Episode 14 - VALA 2014 - Day 2 - Prof Christine Borgman - The Data Dance

This chat is with Prof Christine Borgman, VALA Keynote and Professor and Presidential Chair in Information Studies at UCLA.  We talk about the Data Dance, the need for librarians and researchers to work together in the collection, preservation and access to data.  How data are not just one commonly understood thing and what that means for a library.


Episode 13 - VALA 2014 - Day 1 - Justine Hyde - The user experience

I talk with Justine Hyde from the State Library of Victoria about the physical user experience in the digital age, user based service design and how libraries can plan for this as they rethink their spaces.


Episode 12 - VALA 2014 - Day 1 - eSmart Libraries

In this episode I talk with Kate Barry of the Alannah and Madeline Foundation and Irene O'Neill from Hume Libraries about the eSmart programme.

eSmart Libraries is a free behaviour change initiative for cybersafety and wellbeing designed to equip libraries and connect library users with the skills they need for smart, safe and responsible use of technology
Being eSmart means knowing how to guard against security and privacy risks online, download content in a legal and ethical way, research and reference information, as well as manage reputation and relationships in cyberspace. eSmart helps to embed a culture of positive technology use, create policies and procedures, gain access to evidence-informed resources and track progress in becoming eSmart.

Library Chat recording live on the Red Carpet at VALA 2014

I am excited to be recording Library Chat episodes on the Red Carpet at VALA as part of the conference. This promises to be an interesting series of conversations with some talented and interesting people working in and around libraries both in Australasia and wider afield.


Episode 11 - INELI and Innovation - Jakob Laerkes, Stewart Parsons, Alana Ward.

In this episode of Library Chat I speak with Jacob Laerkes, Stewart Parsons, Alana Ward who have recently finished their time as part of the International Network of Emerging Library Innovators (INELI) with me.  As the first intake of the INELI programme we had an interesting, fascinating, challenging and learning experience.  It was also a sad moment for us to come to the end of our two year journey and but an exciting one to reflect on what next.  We used this chat to reflect on innovation in libraries and what the future looks like for libraries and us.


Episode 10 - Robert Eruera - Manatunga, Maori Librarianship, Guardianship

This time we chat with Robert Eruera, Senior Librarian Pou Arahi Taonga at Auckland Libraries and the lead curator of the Manatunga exhibition which runs at Auckland Libraries until Oct 20th.

We talk about why the Manatunga exhibition is so significant and some of the challenges in mounting such an exhibition.  Also, about the role of Pou Arahi Taonga and the significance of positions such as Robert's in librarianship.  Lastly we talk about the concept of guardianship and the future of roles like Robert's and ensuring there are many more people ready to step into this type or work.

Episode 9 - Paul Whitney - E-books, IFLA, WIPO

This time we chat with Paul Whitney the former City Librarian for Vancouver and primary author of the IFLA e-lending principles.  Paul is a consultant, speaker and volunteer on library and public policy issues including access to content for the print disabled and copyright. He chairs the IFLA eLending Task Force.  He has been a member and expert resource person on IFLA CLM since 1999. Paul has worked on public lending right issues as both a member of the Canadian Public Lending Right Commission and more recently as the author of the study eBooks and Public Lending Right in Canada completed for the Commission.

Paul recently spent time in New Zealand to attend the Reader's and Writer's Festival and graciously gave of his time to talk with librarians in Wellington and Auckland.  I was lucky enough to meet him on his arrival in Auckland and arranged to catch up with him on his return before heading home, so we record this interview.  

Paul is immensely knowledgable in this area, as can he heard in the podcast, where he talks extensively on the reasons for the IFLA e-lending principles, WIPO and IFLA.  For anyone who has an interest in these topics or needing to find out more this interview will be invaluable.


Episode 8 - Mal Booth - Culture, Creativity, Play, Meetings

This time we chat with Mal Booth the University Library at UTS in Sydney.  I met Mal recently at the Information Online Conference in Brisbane Australia and was impressed by his down to earth attitude  and the way the staff from UTS seemed to love what they did and working with him. This set me thinking about the fact that a conversation with Mal would be very useful and interesting.

Mal Booth was appointed University Librarian at UTS in mid-2012.  His barrows as he describes them are: codesign; design thinking; sustainability; active community engagement; curation of collections; visual communications; and the development of cultural collections in libraries. He was formerly Head of the Research Centre at the Australian War Memorial and responsible for its library, archive and the Memorial's web strategy. From 2006 to 2008 he curated the Lawrence of Arabia & the Light Horse exhibition which attracted almost 250,000 visitors.